about victoria

selfie of Victoria's shadow cast against the limestone grounds wall of a Gilded Age mansion in New York City.

I wanted to be an architect since I was four years old. At that time I started my career by accompanying my mother on daily site visits to the house she and my father were building. After that, I discovered that I could make blueprints of the floor plans I created by repurposing out-dated spiral bound order-form booklets from my father’s business. Coinciding with the plans, I crafted furniture from styrofoam packaging. Travel and my architecture education introduced me to cities and building types and ultimately the various scales of architecture. Now, I discover thorough trips related to my projects and teaching students.

Architectural projects begin by gathering site data and creating a program of spaces and functions. I start the foundation of my projects by compiling images of architecture, paintings, sculpture, local flora, and tangental visual references related to the building type. The process is followed by analyses of historic patterns of project types. The collected documentation is woven to transform a vision into habitable structures that have a presence beyond function. I am very fortunate to work on projects with engaging clients, teams of well-trained people, resourceful builders and artisans that combined, make thoughtful and exciting architecture.